Shabd Pre School

Admission Open at Centres:

Raj Nagar, Vasundhara, Sahibabad, Mau, Udaipur, Batlah, Barh (Patna), Faridabad Sec-9, Faridabad Sec-31, Panipat, Panchkula Sec-20, Zeerakpur, Ramprashtha, Krishna Nagar, Sector-85 Faridabad


"I've had 2 kids attend the SHABD preschool and each child has loved every aspect of it. From the kind and caring teachers to the interesting and applicable themes and crafts, their experience has been fantastic. I couldn't have asked for a better introduction to formal education for my children."
Mrs Raveena Sharma

"I have had two girls in playschool and they have both enjoyed their experience. It is a great place to meet kindergarten/school buddies before heading off to the big school. My daughter who is in grade 2 still smiles when the teachers names get mentioned. That, to me, says it is a warm introduction to school. The crafts the girls have both made are great too. A great experience!!!"
Mrs Jason

"Both of our boys attended the SHABD preschool and both of them had a lot of fun each day and would always ask when the next school day was. On one of our sons picked a Rose bouquet for one of the teachers, I'm sure she had already received countless Rose bouquets that spring, and she crouched down, looked our son in the eyes and said "Thank you so much, I love Roses, they remind me of the sun and the sun makes me happy." That is a statement of someone who loves both their job and their students."
The Jain Family

"Our family has been part of the SHABD preschool since 2011. We have seen two kids through and will enroll our youngest when it's his turn. It has been such an enriching and warm experience for all of us! We will always have great memories of your wonderful school and we couldn't think of a better introduction to schooling than SHABD preschool."
Mr Raghav Taneja

"Having had two children attend the SHABD preschool, I can easily attest to what an enriching experience each of them had. Mrs Pinky, Mrs Urvashi , and Mrs Neetu have done a wonderful job nurturing my childrens' personalities, as well as, influencing the development of their independence. My children were always eager to tell me about the songs, stories or crafts they did while at school, and as a parent who was able to volunteer in the classroom, it really was amazing to see how interactive and educational the activities were."
Mrs Veena Singh

"I'd highly recommend the SHABD preschool.My son loved the days he went to playschool and as parents, we knew he was in great hands with loving and experienced teachers.The play-based program offered a huge variety of activities and games, and the one-on-one teacher attention played a huge role in helping to foster his self-confidence and help to prepare him for kindergarten."
Dr. Madhurika

"The SHABD preschool has provided a wonderful first educational setting for both our children. Both children have been very happy attending this well developed program. The teachers are all very caring and work so hard to ensure that all students have a positive first school experience. The play based program has allowed our children to learn according to their interests and the craft projects have provided excellent, fun experiences to develop fine motor skills and creative minds. We find ourselves very fortunate to live in a community with a strong early childhood program at SHABD preschool."
Mr. Kartik

"This is our second year with the SHABD preschool. Our children have enjoyed singing, crafting, playing, and having stories read to them.They have loved each of their instructors. I have appreciated the safe, relaxed, and well run environment at the Playschool and consider it very good practice for Kindergarten. Our children were not the only ones who made friends via the Playschool, I have made some new friends as well! It's a great way to introduce yourself to the community."
Dr. Virender Singh